Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hexie Twelve

Here is the pre-Christmas hexie.  There are no Christmas trees or ornaments or presents on this block because the children in the image are gathering Holly to decorate their home. Therefore it is all about the joy of preparing for Christmas. It is all about Holly and Snow and Garlands and Candles.  This was a fun block to work on and a fun time to escape back to - not that we decorated our homes in Australia with any of the above - for us it was all about keeping cool in the Summer heat, barbecues and salads and going to the beach - with artificial holly and fake snow thrown in just to make it look like an authentic Northern Hemisphere Christmas.

For the backing and binding colour for this block, I tried both red and green and both of them looked terrible, I tried cream and it was too stark so in the end, I settled for this gold colour which is warm and does pick up the colours in the gold braid and the patch on the side with JOY in the centre.
It is not until I see the photos that I can see areas that need tweaking, for instance that top left-hand mitre is way pointier that the rest and needs to be reduced down to size.  In the flesh, it is not nearly so noticable but it cannot stay that way.......Mrs Perfect has spoken!!!!