Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hexie Thirteen - The Pond

Here is Hexie Thirteen - the scene shows a water nymph either looking at his/her reflection in the pond water or maybe talking the to fish??  I haven't decided which yet.  I love the colours in this image, mostly turquoise and apricots with a dash of mauve water-lily and a bright Kingfisher looking for a meal - maybe that Dragonfly which is flying straight for it's beak. (Blame DH's sick humour for that one!)  I think the colours in this block are so cool and delicate.  I can't work out why that top edge is not straight, each of the sides measure exactly the same and yet it doesn't look it - also it fits exactly into the others so I shall put it down to another scanner quirky! Next block is entirely different.....The Scotty Dog and Squirrel cutie.

This block is one of my very favourites because of the colours.......sort of misty like the reflections in a still pond (waxing lyrical here).  I've been all afternoon at the hospital visiting DH who is in for a few days with an abscess in his jaw bone......very painful but hopefully intravenous antibiotics will do the trick and surgery won't be needed.  Fingers crossed!

Ahhh!  Sometimes photos are better than the real thing for spotting mistakes!  I never got back to finishing the Lazy Daisy leaves on the sparkly copper coloured Herringbone stitches under the the four blue glass flowers........Will do that immediately before I forget........... also that purple sequin flower is not purple, it is an irridescent pearly mauve, very pale.  The scanner once again has made it change colour.