Friday, 11 July 2014

Blocks 7 and 8 completed

Over the last two or three days I have been working on blocks 7 and 8 and also stitching the first seven blocks into a 'flower'.  I will take a photo of that later but for now, here is the butterfly block 7 and the Little Mermaid block 8 which is one of my favourites so far. The outside binding of this one is a very pale shell pink - I tried a dull turquoise first, then a brighter pink but in the end, I think this colour shows up the delicate mermaid colours best.

This block was a bit of a challenge mainly because the image was not very defined.  It is of a bunch of Dog-roses with a brightly coloured butterfly hovering over the top.  The butterfly was a tricky colour combination to match.  The Salvation Army Thrift Shop came to the rescue once again with another pair of Butterfly earrings for $2.99.

This is one of my very favourite blocks because of the delicate colours in the mermaid silkie. I love this print so I made the block "under-the-sea" colours and designs without actually being totally UTS. The shell sequins are not really that bright pink, they are pale, shell pink iridescent tones which the scanner has made pink and yellow.......