Friday, 18 July 2014

Hexagon 10 finished

This is a close-up of the embroidery worked with two strands of floss which was variegated, dyed with pink and green which ran into one another. The pink section was worked in French Knots and the green in detached Lazy Daisy leaves.

This is a very girly hexie because of the colours in the original image of three little girls with their puppy. Because of the colours in the hexie I had trouble choosing which colour to use for the backing......I tried pink, purple and green before settling for the pastel lemon which reflects the lemon patch and the middle girl's dress.

I tried two experiments with this patch, one was the border beneath the blue patch which was worked using a variegated pink/green thread. Whenever the pink colour was the one to be used, I stitched French Knots and whenever the green thread was the one to be used, I stitched Detached Chain Lazy Daisy leaves. The end result was a very natural graduation from one colour to the other.  The second experiment was the green couched cord on the lemon patch. It was originally part of a bulky green braid which I unpicked back to basics to get the cord, some woven tubing and some matching nylon thread. Then I couched the cord down in a wavy pattern which filled up the lemon patch without being too heavy.