Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hexie Number 4 completed

Today I finished Hexagon number 4, a young lady in a cool Summery yellow dress holding a bunch of pink roses. I used some of my flower beads as well as making some yellow rolled ribbon roses. I broke all the rules when once the block was finished I thought that the lace at the bottom was a bit wishy-washy and pale so I got a small brush and some olive/lime green dye and painted the leaves green. Then I stitched the darker coral coloured centres to the flowers in one strand of embroidery cotton. This is the way that I will finish off each block, with a plain border to match the individual block and black Feather Stitching around the inside edge. So far, block 1 is edged in Royal Blue, block 2 in Lime green and block 3 in a darker version of Coral colour.  One thing I learnt from this block is "don't iron plastic butterfly beads"..........they melt, these ones are replacements, lol.