Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hexie 14. Scotty Dog and Squirrel

This block is a bit of a button frenzy.  Flower buttons, heart buttons, a very vintage Scotty Dog button and a porcelain Bird House button.  It is a very bright block mainly because I worked with the colours in the tartan, primarily red, blue and yellow. This block took a lot longer to do that the previous ones because I have been traipsing every day by train to visit my husband in hospital and I have also been working on my nephew's twin daughters crocheted boleros.  Anyway, here is my very happy Scotty dog puppy and squirrel block which is in memory of my childhood pet Scotty dog, Mackie. Mackie was our family pet and looked just like this puppy once although we had him until he was sixteen. Whilst Mum fed him and looked after him, he was our Dad's little mate and my sister and I used to argue about whose bed Mackie would sleep on each night.