Friday, 20 June 2014

Storing Charms for crazy quilting

Lisa and Thearica left comments on my last post about where I got the Humming Bird charm from........ sorry, the answer is, I don't know except that I fished it out of my charms storage box labelled "Gardening".  I get my charms from ebay, from local charity and thrift shops, from swapping with people, some are given to me by friends........ but all of them are then put into storage boxes labelled with the names such as Christmas, Gardening, Nautical, Love and Peace, Animals, Celebrations, International and Miscellaneous, etc.  Whenever I require a suitable charm for a specific project, I can go straight to the right box and (usually) find what I want straight away.  If it isn't there then I don't have it  :>(

Contents of my "Miscellaneous" tray containing bits of broken jewellery, single earrings, brass rings, buckles and buttons 

Contents of my "Nautical" tray containing shell beads, tiny gold mermaids, sea-horses, enamelled lighthouse and anchor, pieces of mother-of-pearl shell, in fact anything that might come in handy for an UTS project. At the back of the tray are sequin roundels cut from garments bought at the thrift shop.

This is the Gardening tray with flower beads, buttons and charms, butterflies and dragonflies and the odd bee and bee-hive, birds and spiders. At the back are plastic bags with flower buttons.