Wednesday, 18 June 2014

First Hexagon cq patch completed - 99 more to go!

As I said last week, the best thing about starting a new crazy quilting project or block is getting all the fabric, trims, laces, beads and threads together and deciding which ones to use and which ones to reject.  The WORST thing is putting it all away again once the block is finished.  I hate putting all the bits back in their rightful places in the studio and often finish up with a huge mess of tangled threads, bits of trim and a mixed box of beads and charms and buttons and all the other little extras which are left over and then when it is all driving me nuts I'll make the effort to pack things away again.
So, rather than put everything away straight away, I have cheated.  I found a hexagon block amongst the 100 that I've created which needed to have exactly the same colours that my previous square block required.  I've also found another square block that could do with some of the same colours too.........whew! saved for another day!  I don't have to put everything back in it's place just at the moment. 

I have cut out one hundred hexagons and printed out a Victorian image onto finely woven "photo fabric" for each hexagon - ($40 for a packet of ten A4 sheets so not cheap but well worth it for the good results). I managed to get between five and seven images onto each sheet so it wasn't too bad. I am not sure yet what I will back each hexagon with, probably a layer of thin wadding 1cm larger all around than each hexagon and then fabric on the back which is folded over to the front to form a hem or frame.  Anyway, this is the first block finished and also the same block with the other 99 piled up around it. The images are of children, painted scenes, flowers, Christmas and Easter and Halloween postcards, birds, animals such as horses, cats and dogs and of course glamorous ladies. I want to keep the colours of the fabrics and threads etc in 'quiet' Victorian colours to match the images. As yet, I don't know whether to back and frame each hexagon in one dark colour or back each one in a colour to match the image in the centre??? Time will tell.