Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Pages from my Sketch Book of Stitch Ideas

Here are two more entries dated 9th February 2005 when I must have been beating the hot weather by sitting under the air-con drawing stitch ideas. It has been so long since I posted these that the photos have been removed by blogger.  They should still be on my computer somewhere though...........I certainly hope that my drawing techniques have improved over the past eight years!!!

Fan Stitch Combinations

This is another page from my Visual Journal where I have drawn original ideas for stitch combinations representing fans. This is to give me ideas for Linda's DYB6 fan block when it arrives. The three fans at the bottom of the page are from Dorothy Bond's fabulous book of stitches, however all the other ones are my own ideas.  


Underwater Reef stitches

This is a page from my Visual diary featuring sketches of various stitch combinations which I used to represent seaweed, fish and shells. It was a starting point for my Ningaloo Reef crazy quilted picture which is yet to be finished.

Here are some more pages from the same sketch book.

........Bullion or Grub Roses and Blanket Stitch Flowers.