Sunday, 4 May 2014

Coloured Crazy Quilt Squares

I have made 36 x 11 inch (28 cm) squares to make a  crazy quilt for my spare double bed (six rows of six blocks).  So far, only a few of them have been embellished, most are blanks which will be portable projects to work on while waiting for DH to have radiation and oncology visits.  I am also culling my stash so by making cq blanks which can be packed away into tubs for future projects, I can use my favourite pieces of fabric, pin on some colour co-ordinating laces and trims to each block and pack it away.  Then I can sort through the fabric pieces which are left and bundle them up to dispose of either on eBay or Gumtree at a later date. Here are the blocks laid out on the bed.
I would love some comments as to whether I should just sew the blocks together once they are embellished and continue the embroidery and embellishing over all the straight seams or whether I should stitch a border of black or other dark coloured fabric between each square for sashing......?  At the moment the squares are laying on top of a gold/beige coloured quilt cover which looks like a wide border around the crazy quilting - I rather like the look of that wide border so I think that I will add a border like that to the quilt once the top is finished.

The Cream on cream quilt blocks (mostly blanks) are already packed away with a plastic container of cream and pearl laces and trims, gold beads, cream and mother-of-pearl buttons and flowers etc and a container of cream and gold threads.