Wednesday, 22 July 2015

"Colours of my Mind" because these are the colours I want in my head!!!

I have stitched the pieces of material around the central copy of the beach painting. I tried to use the colours that would extend the painting out to the edge of my picture. The line of hand-tacking is a good 1/2 inch or 1.5cm past the edge of where the picture ends, giving me plenty of room to run trims over the edge and giving me a decent turning over the board when it's finished.

Any "wobbly" areas or seams will be covered with trim, beading or embroidery so won't be noticeable. The main exercise for today was to get all the pieces of material attached to the backing fabric. So far I like what I've done.  I've also dyed some lace to use as grasses on the sand.

Some of the colours show up darker than they really area. For instance, the dark purple on the left is actually a shot silk in purple and pink and the ugly "grey" patch on the right is really a beautiful mushroom pink velvet.

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