Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hexie 24 is finished.

My DH Eddie didn’t get a wink of sleep Saturday night because of uncontrolled 10/10 pain despite a morphine pump going into his stomach plus a load of oral pain-killers. Hopefully the radiation that he is scheduled to have today will work on the pain levels............fingers crossed.
In the meantime, he slept for over three hours yesterday while I sat next to him, stitching hexie 24. It wasn’t on my agenda to finish it but because I just sat and concentrated, here it is. I trialled lots of different coloured backing fabrics, thinking that lime green would be the best.........yuck! way too much lime green. After several trials and errors, I finished up (to my own surprise as much as anything) with pale sky blue. I’ve let a few of the beads and buttons go over the edge of the backing rather than stop short of the edge of the hexie leaving a bare bit along the seams.

 I'm not happy with the fold over the left hand side, I'll have to unpick that bit and re-do it. In the flesh, it is not noticible that it is crooked but in the photo it really shows up. Comes from sitting in a darkened room with the blind down, curtains drawn around DH's hospital bed and the door shut.

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