Friday, 24 January 2014


2 Bags Full  Today is the day of the Grow Your Blog party organised by Vicki of "2 Bags Full".  I have never joined a blog party before so it will be interesting to see what happens.  My own blog is all about my love of crazy quilts and the methods of embellishing them.  I love to blog about my swaps with other crazy quilters too because we can all learn from one another.  My big "life-time" project is to make a cream on cream crazy quilt and blog about each block as it gets completed.  Altogether my quilt needs 96 blocks (12 long x 8 across) and each one is constructed from fabric that are various shades of cream from almost-white-ivory to deep "choc-milk" colour and all the embellishments and embroidery are also in different shades of cream with the addition of pearls and tiny bits of metallic gold.  In the beginning, I just added gold metal charms but these are all going to be removed and replaced by gold thread embroidery which won't tarnish.......can you imagine the mess of trying to clean tarnished metal charms on cream fabric??? It will be worth my time and effort to fix this problem before I do anymore blocks.  So basically this blog is about all aspects of crazy quilting and the associated crafts of embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, lacework, tatting, crochet and beading.